Terms of Service

Our terms of service determine your use and access to this digital services marketplace and all other platforms related to this platform. By signing up on our website, you agree to our
terms of use

For the Service Providers

• You may not create your account using fraudulent information. You commit to provide information that is correct and authentic.
• Offering or receiving payments through any platform other than our platform is prohibited.
• Please refrain from copyright infringement and make sure to give credits where they are due.
• Your performance on this platform will determine your client and project acquisition
• You may not hold the right to the work you deliver unless agreed upon by the client.
• Your payment will only be released if the service seeker is satisfied with the project. If you think you are facing buyer abuse, you are encouraged to reach out to our support and conflict resolution team.
• Ensuring the files you are sharing are safe, do not contain any harmful, hateful, or ethically, morally, or factually incorrect information or malicious software is your responsibility.
• You are not allowed to withhold the deliverables to urge the buyer for additional payment. The payment will be decided before the commencement of the project and will not change unless with mutual consent.
• A percentage of your payment will be deducted as our service commission.
• You are liable for your taxes, and you must pay taxes according to the rules and requirements in your jurisdiction.
For the Service Seekers
• If you are asked to receive or transfer the payment through other platforms, you are requested to report it immediately.
• We may use the work delivered through our platform for marketing and advertising purpose.
• You may not attempt to exploit the service seeker or negotiate for the price once the project has been started or after it has been delivered. In such cases, we hold the right to help the service provider.
• You are responsible for all the files that you send and receive through these
platforms. We will not be held accountable if malware, virus, or anything else is transferred to you or you encounter damage to property due to anything on this
• We do not guarantee the quality of the service. We vet the professionals before connecting them with you, but we do not hold the responsibility for your
General Terms of Service
• We provide you with a communication platform. Therefore, sharing contact numbers, email addresses, social media handles, and any other source of external communication are strictly prohibited. If you find someone doing so, you
are requested to report immediately.
• Our platform is diverse. We will not tolerate any discriminatory remarks based on religion, race, gender, nationality, etc.
• We have the right to change these terms of service, and we may do so when needed. You will be notified when these terms are updated.
• If you cannot abide by these terms or reportedly breach our terms of service, we reserve the right to suspend your account and take any action we deem fit.